If you have an insect problem either inside or outside your home,
then you've come to the right place!
Control insects on roses and other garden plants

Welcome to Enviroshield New Zealand

Used in Nurseries, Homes and Gardens around New Zealand

Active ingredient 250 grams/litre Permethrin in concentrate, 5 grams/litre 0.5% in Ready to Use.

Enviroshield residual insecticide is safe to use and in good conditions will stay active for many months.

Enviroshield is safe to use around pets, birds and dogs.

Enviroshield is now available delivered to your door



Fly and spider proof your home

Control white tail spiders

Control fleas & red mites in kennels, piggeries, poultry sheds and stables

Keep your roses clean from greenfly, aphids and thrips

Control carpet beetles, bedbugs, cockroaches and silverfish

Control mosquitoes and sand flies when camping

… and almost everything that walks, crawls, slithers and slides!

Choose from our ready to use Trigger Spray or a variety of concentrates to suit your needs

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